Location: Remote (continental US timezones only)

Salary: $130 - 190k + equity

We're looking for a backend engineer to join our team at Knock and help build the infrastructure and services that will power the Knock notification engine, providing a reliable, scalable notification service that our customers will use to send notifications to users everywhere.

What might make this a great role for you

What you'll be doing in this role

Our stack

We're built with a combination of Elixir, TypeScript, and React. We run our code on AWS and use multiple data stores to power our services.

You may think Elixir is a niche choice. We love the concise, expressive code we can write and embrace the power of the BEAM as a way to build concurrent, fault-tolerant systems. You can listen to our CTO, Chris Bell, talk about the merits of Elixir here.

We're committed to giving back to the technology communities we're in and believe that diverse, friendly communities are a force to be reckoned with. In the past we've organized and sponsored conferences and meetups, pushed open-source contributions, and hosted podcasts.